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10 Year You

“It all starts with a simple habit. It all starts with a single click.”

Imagine yourself in 10 years – the best version of who you can become. Who are you physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally, financially, and spiritually? Now, what are the habits of that you?

Watch this short clip to learn more about our gift to you, and the inspiration behind it.

How It Works

Pick a Habit

Select one or two habits that you feel are the most important – that, if adhered to, will help you get to that ’10 year you’.

Track The Habit

Commit to those habits daily or almost daily, and use the tally counter to track your progress. Every day you stick to your habit(s) you get a click…and so forth and so on. If you miss a day, simply reset your counter to zero.

Change Your Path

You’ll see, as we all did, that starting with these small habits helps make sure that you are at least showing up in some way each day.

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