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Our Consulting Services

DTSpade takes a personalized approach that leverages the firm’s comprehensive services to optimize real estate resources. We bring our experience, relationships, and resources to organizations that are looking for ways to plan thoughtfully, reduce costs, maximize value, and improve efficiency.

Market Analysis & Site Selection

We all have data, but can you turn that into information? DTSpade clients get to the right location faster by analyzing factors such as competitor revenues, consumer spending, and employment depth on top of the available real estate properties in a market.

Broker Opinion of Value

Your property value is a key factor in guiding real estate decisions. In today’s ever-changing market, you need access to the most comprehensive, real-time data and skilled professionals who derive intelligence from analytics. We help you realize the true value of your property with trusted real estate insights from the most recognized professionals in the industry.

Lease Administration

DTSpade offers comprehensive commercial lease administration solutions to property occupiers of all portfolio sizes and types, across all global geographies. Through years of successful commercial real estate lease administration, we have developed the approach and the knowledge required to service our clients’ varying portfolio management requirements, from relatively straightforward to unique and complex.

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