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What would it take for a community to NEED a company?

Does Atlanta need Home Depot or Delta Airlines? Does Orlando need Disney World? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

But when we set out to create a new kind of real estate firm, the vision began with:
          To create an organization that was driving so much value into the community that even those who didn’t understand our mission would admit that they couldn’t imagine the city without us.

As we matured and Partners in our organization began to own our mission, our vision became:
          Imagine our city. Build that city.

To accomplish this, we focus on three areas:

People & the Sanctity of the Seat. Dudley Thomas Spade was born on Thursday, May 7 at 11am when @MarkSFernandes said, “If you think you’re being kind to someone by letting them stay in a role for which they are not uniquely gifted, you risk wasting their life.”

From there grew a vision of a place where jobs were narrowly tied to competencies and giftedness. Instead of reserving a seat for an A+ player with varied competencies in multiple disciplines, we focused on the sanctity of the seat. For us, that means finding the precise skillset to do A+ work in the very narrow definition of what the job requires.

This extends to our work with Clients, too, in the way that we are creating a Home & Making the Corner. In sanctifying the growing number of seats we have at DTSpade, we’ve set out creating a place and context for their value.

Imagine building a house. Each time you decide to define it—to commit to a room or a floorplan—you’ve got to make a turn in the wall and establish a corner in the floorplan. You have to commit.

But most businesses won’t commit. They won’t draw a line and say, “We sell these products, but not those,” or “We serve these patients, but not those patients.”

In the end, a house without a corner is just a wall. At DTSpade, this job/seat specialization presses down into our business. The house we’re building is bound by the three industries we represent:

  1. Healthcare. To us, this includes hospitals to physician practices, dentists to medical manufacturing, medical technology to biopharma.
  2. Governments. Local, state, federal, quasi-governmental agencies.
  3. Pre+Equity. Companies with an equity event in their future—whether financing, equity investment or public offering.

So with that foundation, we move into our community based on Seven Core Values. You’ll notice these woven throughout the fabric of our organization, but these aren’t values forgotten in some corner of a website or lived by two or three executives. Ask us. Ask us how we personalize each of these in the great work we do in our seats at DTSpade, in the community and in our homes. We’ve even built a curriculum for it that you can use

In an honest moment, we’ll admit: We don’t know what we don’t know.

But there’s something excellent that we’re building in the smallness of our community. When we build trust with Clients and exercise practiced experience on their accounts, jobs are created within their organizations.

When health systems are given the best possible options for growing their practices, nurses deliver a better experience to patients and leave the office prepared to have a better evening for their children at home.

When physicians feel confident about cost containment measures and their ability to compete, they can deliver care more efficiently into the community.

When governments are protected in complicated interactions with skilled Landlords, good people who serve citizens well get promoted.

When empowered with an understanding of the true cost of a lease, fast growing companies grow even faster.

When a patient or customer has an interaction with a Client inside their space that exceeds their expectation, what could happen?

In the end, we represent certain companies in real estate transactions. But when that service is delivered from a foundation excellently laid and with a perspective of what’s truly valuable, lives are changed.

Our mission is below and on every page of this site. We’re providing excellent commercial real estate services, but what better way to be the place that restores the perfection of our world than to support those who heal us, rule over us and direct the flow of capital within our community?

So we pick up the work done by those before us and build, one seat, one turned corner & one real estate transaction at a time.